In Parts. Four.

Part 4: Home?

Yesterday’s post was on homelessness and my wandering over the last few months. Now I get to tell you about part 4 of my transition.

The last update that I sent before starting this, I was headed out on a road trip. After spending several months of stress and jobless/homelessness (sort of), I really needed a break. Well, more truthfully, I had no idea what I needed but I needed SOMETHING. So in steps our hero of the story (uhm, that would be the Holy Spirit), and all of a sudden Flo Paris needs someone to travel with her to California. It just so happens that the trip is less than two weeks before my brother would be in Nebraska on military leave, which was only one week before my parents would be traveling to Mississippi for our annual family reunion (which happens to be only 5 hours away from Nashville). The timing was just too perfect, so off I went to California, then flew to Nebraska to see the family, then waited a week to travel with the folks to the family reunion, then let them drive me back to Nashville. Whew! Did you catch all of that?

The details are just too good to leave out. Flo, her two daughters, and I traveled for one week, stopping each night for shows with friends of hers. I got to meet some great folks! Including someone who had greatly influenced my life ….eleven years ago! I knew the girl for less than 10 days, but remember Chelsea very well and was thrilled to meet her again and thank her. How did she happen to be a close friend of Flo’s? I love it. In that same city, I also enjoyed dinner with a cousin that I hadn’t seen in two years. Then, not 24 hours later, I went on the best date I’ve ever been on in my life. Sorry, guys, but this was good. An evening trip to Disneyland with a great man and no pressure. Come on, Disneyland? How does a girl with no money who, only two weeks before, thought she would never be able to afford to leave Nashville, end up on an awesome date in Disneyland? I cannot forget to mention that I got to ride the Indian Jones ride. Twice. My favorite! AND I got to watch the fireworks from inside the park this time. I wasn’t so fortunate when I was there eleven years ago. You just can’t beat Tinkerbell flying above you with fireworks going on everywhere.

Ahem. Moving on.

I then flew (thanks, Flo!) to Nebraska where I got to spend great time with my brother and the rest of my family. Soooo good. Family time is important and now that we all live in different parts of the country we are making more of an effort to see each other when possible. Follow that up with my favorite time of the year, a family reunion, and there you have it – the month of July. Awesome. Thank you, Lord!

At some point during this trip, the friends I’ve stayed with for most of the summer contacted me. A close friend of theirs was going to be out of the country for August, and needed someone to stay in her house as her roommate was moving out. Since her roommate moved out the day before I returned to Nashville, the timing was once again, perfect. Let’s put the facts together here, folks. The girl’s roommate just moved out, I needed a place to stay, house was empty, ta-da! Housing for August. Take it one step further and in September I moved in.

Quite the unexpected, as I had planned on finding my own place. It’s an adjustment, and one which I’m grateful for.

All praise and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.


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