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Not surprisingly, I really love building and creating things. I’m slowly setting up a shop and teaching myself how to build furniture. No less than a dozen people help me with each project, offering advice or brawn (that dresser is heavy and had to be moved in and out of my shed multiple times!).

A few weeks after my parents were in town, my brother came to visit. I’ve somehow managed to convince him that he should move to Nashville, so he came to check out the town and make a plan. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of my siblings, and my brother is no exception. I can’t wait to be in the same town with him for the first time in a decade.

It just so happened that the very weekend my brother came to town, my 90-day review came up at work and they chose to let me go.

In April, I reached the end of a rope at my previous job – an originally short rope that the Holy Spirit kept choosing to extend. Kind of like one of those clown handkerchief chains that just when you think he can’t pull any more brightly colored cloth out of his sleeve, he finds ten more. I am incredibly thankful for that job, but knew I needed to move forward. My apartment lease ended in July and the mice and I were no longer getting along so I needed to leave there as well. This seemed like the perfect time for a change.

I took the month of May as a break from interviews and job applications, and planned on changing directions in June by searching for work in Austin. In the last weekend of May, I was offered a job as a Design Coordinator. Shortly after, I signed a 1-year lease on a house that met a ridiculous amount of personal expectations.

I think the way the last few months played out looks beautiful. Life always has a way of working itself out, and I am grateful.

Although, now I live in a house with 9 months left on a lease, my brother is moving to the town I want to move away from, and I’m unemployed. I can’t make up stories like these, and I have no idea what happens next in this plot line.

In an effort to remain healthy and depression-free, friends call in and check on me nearly every day. I organized my tool shed to make a workshop, and am in the middle of project #3 since starting this furniture-making madness. The employees at the Hardware store know me by name. In between interviews I’m well on the way to kneading all the recipes in my bread book, and will sell you a loaf if you’re hungry (it’s good!). My yard has been re-landscaped and maybe I’ll plant things in the giant garden I created. My neighbors and I swap tools and conversation, and I finally wrote a few blog posts.

Future flower garden


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