How to be Healthy and Whole.

What does it mean to be healthy and whole?

It means that we know we’re free to give and receive dignity.

It means that as women, we know our worth and value, and don’t wait for someone else to determine that for us. It means that when we know our worth and value, we pass that along to everyone we meet. We give dignity and respect to others.

It means that as men, you know your worth and value. You give dignity and respect to the people around you. Your actions and character remind people of their own strength.

Women: Look for men who give you respect and dignity. Men who, on days when you forget, remind you that you are valuable.

Men: Look for women who give you respect and dignity. The type of women who, when you have a bad day, remind you of your strength.

Women: Run away from men who treat you like you are disposable. They will not fight for you. Look for a man who will fight to win your heart, and who will fight to keep it.

Men: Run away from women who are seductive and lonely. She will not want you when she remembers who she is. Look for a woman who admires you, and speaks highly of you.

Women: Remember your worth. Remember that not only are you free to give dignity, but you are free to receive it.

Men: Remember your strength. Remember that you are free to share respect, as well as accept it.

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