How a marketer contributes to social justice

My friend, Laura Click, founded Blue Kite Marketing. Laura really enjoys marketing and social networking. She’s fantastic in this field and knows her stuff. Laura also wants to play an active role in social justice. How can a marketer do this?

Photo Credit: Howard Cofer

Before she even launched Blue Kite Marketing, Laura made a plan to use her business to give to others. Without hesitation, she gives nonprofits a 10% discount on her marketing services. Nonprofit organizations run giant projects on very little funds. The more people who know about the organization, the larger impact that organization can make towards its goals. Laura can help with this.

Above and beyond offering her marketing business and skills, Laura personally invests in the people and organizations around her. When you’re talking to Laura, you know that you matter, and that she will give you her absolute best, all the time.

We all have talents and skills in specific areas that can be used to give to others instead of living only for ourselves. How can you, like Laura, use your skills and  interests to make your mark in the bigger picture of the world?

Play your part. You don’t have to save the world, someone already did that. You’re just called to move within it.

*I was not paid to write this post. Laura has no idea I’m sharing this, and she’ll probably kill** me for using this picture. **kill may be an overstatement


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