Here a job, there a job, everywhere a job-job

Last week I was crazy-busy with work. I worked several odd jobs and loved it. I kind of would like to be self-employed forever and just do random jobs. It’s great. And completely unreliable.  But last week it worked fine. This week, I’m not working but I do have two job interviews! There is a possible part-time job for the remainder of the week as well.

So many people have heard of my jobless plight and have sent information my way. Not only do I have two interviews this week, but I am hoping to be on board with a nanny agency, and I have resumes out and people rooting for me in about three other jobs. I mean, I still have to get one of these and the work (read: money) isn’t garaunteed, but I feel closer. The Lord has abundantly provided. My favorite part of this process is the way that I have drawn deeper into community and relationships. Although I continue to struggle to find deep relationships, and probably will for awhile, God has blessed me by allowing me to see community take place, today especially. There are several things that I’m looking forward to, including a road trip!

After living in Nashville for 20 months without fulfilling employment, I’m ready for a full-time job that I could enjoy long-term. However, in those 20 months a job has always been “around the corner”. Many interviews and at least one hundred applications/resumes later, I’m not getting my hopes up that any of these jobs will come through. I’m also trying to focus on my attitude, to be grateful for any job. Now, if I get offered more than one I’m not sure what I’ll do, but we’ll cross that road when we come to it. Right now, I’m just grateful that interviews are happening. Thanks for your prayers, being interested, and for the job leads!

Prayer requests: Homeless ministry – there are several needs that the folks there have, including jobs for themselves. Also, medical needs and renewing of the heart. Finally, that I would have wisdom with setting boundaries. Marianne – a friend who has experienced overwhelming trials in the last weeks. Angels of Mercy – they are bringing in several volunteers over the next months, please pray that all would run smoothly.


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