Haves and have nots

I’m not sure if I even took photos in the last few days. I haven’t been so good about that. Mostly, because I feel as if I’m just here living life. Not on a short-term mission trip or a vacation/holiday. I have done a terrible job at taking photos over the last year, because I didn’t have a way to d/l them (or because I was an expert at making lazy excuses), and am finding it a huge effort to get back into the habit! That said, no photos today. Soon though, soon. Besides, I think better in word pictures.

One fundraiser is nearly ready. The second one is in progress. The Centre (read: the American) was interviewed for a news article for the local paper, to be printed in time for our fundraiser. This trip is giving me great ideas on raising money, and I am getting better at it. My confidence is returning and I’m remembering my administration skills. I’m also having great opportunities for public speaking. I had forgotten how fun that is for me, and I’m also greatly out of practice! But I’m enjoying it and have numerous opportunities to practice in the coming weeks.

A pipe burst in the street this morning. We have had no water throughout the day. I forgot and used the toilet. Oops. I purchased “air time” for my cell phone and used it all in less than 24 hours. Apparently, I should have purchased more time and only sent SMS. Who know a 5-minute phone call would be so costly? Oh, right, all the people that live here knew. I asked for the trash and finally found the rubbish. I have pronounced dozens of names incorrectly. I have learned 10 words in Zulu, including Xolo – my favorite. I have been placed in a cultural box and neatly burst out of it. I have managed not to eat meat for a week, even at KFC (although the fried alternative probably was worse than just eating meat. Can’t win them all, I guess.). I have laughed, I have cried. I have not danced, but have sang. Including a Zulu song which I actually knew from ten years ago.  I have prayed and been prayed for. I have had moments of “I never want to leave” mixed in with moments of “GET ME OUT OF HERE!”. I’ve been to a Nazarene worship service and a Methodist youth group. Two weeks have gone by, and I still haven’t finished Anna Karenina. Welcome to my life.


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