Greedy in December

Greed doesn’t always signify money. Greed means a chasing after something, wanting of more.

The problem with greed is that it always leaves us wanting and never satisfies.

Greed comes in all shapes and sizes. North Americans think a lot about greed in December because we like to give and receive a plethora of gifts.

I started thinking about greed last night after my umpteenth Christmas party (ok, fourth), when I drove home and realized – I want it all.

Reach Out

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I want everyone to like me. And I mean everyone. I can be in a room full of 50 people, each one of them could be a friend of mine, but the minute one more person walks into a room, I need their attention as well.

I want control of situations. I like to be in charge and the center of attention. If I’m not, I’ll go somewhere looking for the chance to be in control.

I only blog once a week because I have so many ideas floating through my mind that I have a difficult time narrowing them down to one topic to write.

I can’t pick favorites, because I want to experience everything. When I do pick something, I don’t let it go easily because I’ve worked so hard to get it.

I could spend my entire life chasing more. More people, more money, more ideas.

Ironic though, is that when I spend my time trying to grasp everything, I accomplish little to nothing.

When I fervently try to gain the attention of multitudes, I spread my roots thinly and never dig deep in relationships. I’m always left wanting.

When I have so many ideas to write that I can’t pick one, I end up with a blank page and ultimately accomplish even less than if I had picked just one of those ideas.

If I chase after a bigger and better job, more money, more education –  I’ll keep chasing and wanting more. No amount of money or information will be enough, resulting in needing more to fuel what I already have.

That sounds like a sad life.

Greed leaves a trail of sadness and emptiness behind us. Wanting more means we never have enough, and are never satisfied.

Discussion: Do you agree or disagree? Does greed come in all shapes and sizes? Is there a solution to greed?


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