Giving is a choice

I’m so thankful for friends that give.

In the spring of 2007, I began praying for a car. I was convinced that God wanted to give me a car, so I prayed about it for a few weeks, and then forgot about it. I didn’t worry or think about a car, because I knew that God was going to provide one when I needed it.

About three months later, I was told by some dear friends of mine, that they wanted to sell their car to me. For $1. I knew, without a doubt, that the car was a gift directly from God, through my friends. I am thankful for their obedience, and I am thankful for the car. I believe that the Holy Spirit also told me that the car would be available and taken care of for as long as I needed it, providing I didn’t take too much advantage of that offer (meaning, save up for a car and be responsible!).

Since then, my beautiful vehicle has been through a few…ahem…events.

  1. There was the time that I was rear-ended on the interstate, and my CD player popped out, but no other damage.

  2. And the time when I broke down in the middle-of-nowhere, two hours from my destination. The man who stopped to help me used to work at AutoZone. He got me to the store, replaced whatever it was that was broken, AND traded me a working CD player.

  3. Once a man side-swiped me to get my number and ask me out (ok, maybe that wasn’t why he hit me, but he did ask me out several times after. I didn’t go.). No major damage other than my front bumper and a broken headlight.

  4. Then the time that I was on the same middle-of-nowhere road from above, but 1.5 hours from my destination, and my car overheated. I walked up a country road at night, to the top of a hill, for cell reception. Finally got my car to the front of someone’s house, who let me use their phone, stay there for two hours, and park my car in their driveway. During those two hours, my cousins drove to pick me up. The next day, my cousins returned, worked on my car in the sweltering heat for hours, while letting me spend the day with family. I love my car, but those trips now require rentals.

  5. Or how about the time when, on the 4th of July, my car overheated again (different issue), and I was stuck in a neighborhood on the way to a party. A mechanic who claims “If I can’t fix it, it isn’t fixable”, stopped to help me. He worked at AutoZone and gave me a discount for a new radiator. Which he, and another dear friend, D, spent their afternoon fixing for me. At the same time, they both chauffeured me around during the day and made sure that I wasn’t alone or car-less.

New radiator

The friend that I mentioned above, is the reason for this post today. D has, on countless occasions, offered his home garage and mechanic skills to God’s car. He has changed the oil, replaced the brakes, fixed the rattle, and who knows what else. He’s even washed it for me once or twice. D refuses to let me pay him, because he enjoys working on cars as a hobby and …well, I’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s his gift to God’s car.

This week, my car was idling so loudly I wanted to jump out of it. So I called D, and here was his suggestion.

“My family is going to New York for a week. How about you bring the car over, and take my car home. I’ll try to take a look at it before I leave, but if not, then you can just drive the cadillac for the week until we are home.”

I’m so thankful for friends that give.

I have dozens and dozens of stories of times when people have given to me. My guess is that God has generously gifted to me in hopes that I’ll give back. I really hope that I’ll live my life sacrificially and give abundantly. How beautiful life is, when community gives of themselves to each other.

How have you been blessed by others’ gifts to you? Are you intentionally living your life in a way to give to others? Giving is a choice, teach yourself to give.


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