Getting to know the people in my life

I’ve known my friend, Anthony, for close to one year. Unfortunately, our travel schedules and the fact that we always see each other when there are at least a dozen other people around, have kept us from actually getting to know each other. Last week, I could have told you only three or four facts about him. Today, I could give you some actual insight into the character of this great guy. The difference?

I asked him.

My personality requires great things of my friends. I have this wonderful habit of asking questions to get to know people. Fun questions, deep questions, lots and lots of questions. My friends made the observation this week that a conversation with me can be like an all-out interview. I take that as a compliment.

I am not pushy with my questions, so don’t be afraid for a conversation! If I ask a question that is too deep or personal, I make sure people know that saying “I can’t answer that”, or “I don’t know”, is perfectly acceptable. Hey, I’m just getting to know you. I don’t expect you to trust me with the inner workings of your soul. Although, if you want to share, I hope I’ll never abuse that gift.

In the last year, I have met countless people. Some, I’ve known for the entire year, but have not had the pleasure of the interview. Until we’ve spoken one-on-one, and learned a few fun facts about each other, I feel like I know nothing about you. That may not be the case, but a part of my brain believes that we are not truly amigos until a solid conversation has taken place. The word ‘ridiculous’ comes to mine when I realize that this month marks the one year mark of knowing many folks whom I call friend and we have not had one-on-one time. I’m grateful that Anthony humored me and answered my questions. I know him so much better now, and look forward to a long friendship.

How do you get to know people? How are you different from me? God created us each to experience life and relationships differently, with a few constants. One of those is that we need relationships. We exist in community. Invest in the people around you. Let me know if you need a few questions to get you started!


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