I certainly do love Facebook. I mean, where else can I have 248 friends in one place? Or spend an entire morning in a Poke war with my little sister? Or get jealous that some girl leaves 10 messages a day on the wall of the man I have a crush on? Facebook – what would I do without you?

I’d probably play more music. And finish that craft project. I’d probably start new projects or …watch more movies.

But I do love that technology has now allowed me to keep in touch quickly and easily with that girl from grade school who I haven’t seen or talked to since fourth grade. Relationships are important to me, and how would I be able to keep in touch with 248 people without technology?

In all seriousness, I do love that I can keep in touch with my dearest friends more than the February Christmas letter. So here’s a toast to Facebook. Kyla has thrown a fish at you.


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