When conflict happens in my life, it seems to come in waves, and from all sides.

Financial, relational, professional, personal.

Conflict starts to hit, like a hurricane, one of those areas, and then continues to attack the other three. Not just once, but over and over until the storm passes.

These storms are not safe. They are painful. They can be frightening. They seek to destroy.

When I try to control the storm, and try to control the outcome, I end up bruised, battered, and feeling lost.

When I try to get through the storm on my own, I end up bruised, battered, and feeling lost.

When I choose to trust my experience, trust my community, and trust my Savior, I end up bruised and battered, but never – ever – feeling lost. I am always more confident, secure, peaceful, and ultimately Jesus Christ is victorious.

When I choose to trust outside of myself, I learn from the conflict and grow in each of the areas that the storm hit.

I plan on surviving this storm. I may be bruised. I may be battered. But I am not lost.


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