Compassion Week Wrap-up

We made it to the last day of Compassion Week, thanks for following along! I said earlier, that without compassion, social justice is hard work. I really believe that. Jesus didn’t just do a lot of great things, he changed the world through his compassion.

In the book, Compassion by Henri Nouwen, Donald McNeil, and Douglas Morrison, these spiritual leaders point out that Jesus showed compassion by being a servant.

Compassion isn’t just a way of thinking, it’s service. It requires action as a result of suffering with others.

Thank you to Jermaine Lane, Shelly Miller, and Jeff Goins, for your contributions.  You are people who work to live compassionate lives, and I’m honored to have hosted you in this space.

I’m wrapping up with a video I saw this week. I think it exemplifies compassion in every way, as this man daily chooses to love his neighbors.

Grace and Peace to you as you go and live compassionately!

Compassion Week Posts:

Day 1: Jermaine Lane,  Unexpected Compassion

Day 2: Shelly Miller, Compassion is a Lifestyle

Day 3: You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

Day 4: Jeff Goins, Interview: What is compassion?


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