Christmas Parties, Funky Music, and.

Last week was a crazy week for me. It’s a busy time of year for everyone, I know. Is anyone else over-filling their schedule with Christmas parties?

People Loving Nashville hosted a Fundraiser Ball on Tuesday. We danced to Jason Eskridge & Friends playing funk and soul music late into the night. We ate homemade appetizers and truffles, and maxed out the photo booth. Minus that one moment when I fell off the stage and was sore for three days following (I needed a good story), the party was a success.

I decided earlier this year that I wanted to experience art at least once a week. I haven’t really kept with that goal, but I’ve experienced more art in the last year because of it. So when my friend, Andrew, invited me to see his band perform, I continued the funk and soul theme on Wednesday to hear ReLapse play.

ReLapse at Mercy Lounge, Photo used by permission

With a full 8 piece band, ReLapse throws a party on stage. This was my second time to see them perform. ReLapse “killed it” last week. In between wondering if I should start a dance party and wondering why I forgot to bring a friend, I transported to a world where my thoughts collide with movement. Blame the funk. That and Andrew, who leads his band with contagious energy, solid musical arrangements, and strong vocals.

Side rant: How is it, that a great band can throw a party, and an entire room of people will bob their heads, loving the music, but don’t dance? The psychologist in me needs an answer! I stood in the back of the room baffled, yet contributing to create a giant bobble head to the tune of funky music.

Here’s the thing about art. Humans need art in our lives. We need art because it changes us. Art forces us to let our minds wonder, to stop and think about who we are and what we want. Art, no matter the form, plays with our senses and emotions.

I’m glad that even in a busy schedule (I also went to parties on Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday), I took the time to support a friend and bob my head to contagious music. I’m hoping that next time I see them perform, I’ll muster up some courage and start a dance party.

(Full disclosure: I was given free entry to the concert in exchange for writing this blog post. Blogging rules force me to tell you this. Although we all know that I would have gone anyway, because I can’t turn down friends and their art.)


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