Christ has come!

Every year at Christmas, I can be sure of a few things. First, that I will be delayed en route to wherever it is that I happen to be traveling. Apparently I never stay put. I always have to fly North, during the winter, when inevitably Chicago’s O’Hare Airport will cancel flights. Now I’m not fool enough to connect through Chicago, but that doesn’t stop the delays. When O’Hare cancels 500 flights in one day I’m going to be stranded in my airport of choice. Luckily this year, my airline footed my dinner bill, hotel, breakfast, lunch, and even a $300 travel voucher. The voucher a result of waiting on standby, being given a seat, calling my family to tell them I was finally on my way, then promptly asked to leave the plane. Thanks. I am grateful for the voucher though, which will either assist with my transportation to see my brother next month or a future blog unmentionable travel arrangement. Hooray! Yes, God can redeem my hurts and frustrations.

Secondly, that somehow through all of the double-checking in my packing, I will manage to lose a pocket leatherman to security. I thought I had left it at home, but no, I indeed packed a sharp knife in my carry-on. Now you know what to get me for my birthday.

Back to God.  Isn’t it great that he sent Christ to redeem this broken world? This Advent season was a great time for me of growth and new understanding. After truly aching for injustice and longing for hope and redemption, I have an incredible knowledge and understanding of what Christmas really means. Christ is here. He came. He redeems. He was born to redeem all of creation, all injustice, all brokenness. Hymns of his birth took on a great meaning for me this morning, as I stumbled through the Hymn book at 9am waiting for my siblings to wake up. I wanted to tell everyone, to share with my family this great joy! The world looks different to me today than it did yesterday. Instead of focusing on all of the injustice, I now see so much hope.

Being home at Christmas is always difficult for me. This year is no exception. With my brother off at basic training (he called for the first time this morning – a precious Christmas gift), my grandmother in failing health, my grandfather spouting his “fact” opinions, and me being the only single person in the house, I’m feeling a tad emotional. We’ve made a cardboard cutout of my brother, and have taken a slew of photos with him. I’m rather upset that the sisters wouldn’t let me take “Brian” to see a (terrible) movie tonight. I went as the 5th wheel on their double date, and “Brian” had to stay at home. But he did play rockband with us this afternoon, and I have to say that my drum skills beat out the cardboard Brian’s guitar. It’s the only time in my life that I’ll play music better than B. I’m finally okay with that. I’d much rather have had him here kicking my butt in Rockband than going through bootcamp.

And there’s more. Oh, there’s always more. However, I’m pretty tired right now and my TMI filter is wearing out. I should have waited until tomorrow to post, but it will be filled with catching up with old friends, shopping, and with any luck, peanut butter cup making. However, I vaguely remember that in college, some of my best writing was done when I was completely incoherent. At least, that’s what I’ve let myself believe and what I’m going with now. Just let me believe that this once. Okay, I need to stop. Really. Stopping. Now.

Christ has come! Rejoice and be glad!


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