Chasing “more”

I read an apology email last week, which included the words, “I’m scum”. My heart sunk when I read that.

I had coffee with a friend, and we talked about his most recent international trip. In his observations of the culture, he noticed that those happiest were people in the “low level” jobs. The janitors, cooks, etc. People in the high level jobs were always trying to chase after “more” to be happy. They were working hard to develop their country, but even though they were doing extraordinary work, very few were happy.

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I know I’ve talked about this before somewhere in the depths of this blog, but I can’t help but bring it up again.

What happens to make a person think that they aren’t good enough?

We live in this culture of “not enough”. We are chasing dreams, seeking power, solving problems, trying to make the world a better place. Is that what we really want?

I sometimes feel that if I don’t chase after something more, than I’m just not good enough.

I wonder if my friend thought that admitting she was “scum”, would somehow make her better? That it could make her feel better to say how horrible she was. The truth is, that she’s not scum at all. She had a really bad week and took it out on everyone around her. That sucks. It doesn’t make her scum, it makes her human.

If you have a Master’s degree and end up waiting tables, that doesn’t make you “not good enough”.

If you once had a dream to start your own business, or be a CEO, but are working at Starbucks, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

Maybe in our effort to be great, we’ve forgotten our original purpose. We were originally created to BE.


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