Celebrating new seasons

classic birthday cake

I love growing older. Life really is like wine, it gets better with age. I don’t know who first said that, but I’m sure it was someone brilliant and amazing. One of my goals is to never complain about my age, but to see it as a gift. The chance to live another year, make more mistakes, love the people I’m around, and have too much fun.

As my birthday gift to myself, I bought a window box for my apartment balcony. I can’t wait to plant flowers and have some color there. If I ever put batteries in my camera, you might even see photos popping up here sometime.

To celebrate, this weekend I’m hosting a Macaroni & Cheese Cook-off. Yep. I am a huge Mac & Cheese fan, so I thought a little competition for the best recipe would be a great way to party. I get to be the judge (hello…birthday girl!) and I will gladly accept bribes, especially if they come in the form of tulips.

This week has been really difficult, and it’s only Tuesday. Truthfully, this season of life has been really difficult. I know enough to believe that this is only a season, that there are good things to come and to hope in. Yet the “darkness” has my heart aching. I’m really looking forward to the party this weekend, as a reason to celebrate and look forward. To hang on to the hope that maybe this will be the last week of this “dark” season. Saturday could be a marker for something new. That and I pierced my ears again. Sometimes a woman just needs a physical reminder of change (has anyone else noticed that Spring is finally here?!).

Fill up the comments: What do you do to mark new seasons?

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