Bring back the deep

Friends, I am worn out. This “Christmas” season is taking a toll on my mind. I spent the weekend going non-stop from parties to volunteer activities, to meals with friends, and work. Most of these activities were fun, and filled with endless shallow conversations.

And I’m through with it.

It’s no wonder I’m tired. I can only handle so many unintelligent, shallow conversations before I feel completely empty and hopeless. I must have deep, life-giving conversations and relationships with people. Therefore, I’m skipping the rest of the “Christmas” parties (quotes because it’s still the Advent season, Christmas doesn’t even start until the 25th), and investing in one-on-one conversations. I want to know you and your life. I don’t care what the weather is like outside, or how nicely you’re dressed, tell me about you.

And that, friends, is how I’m feeling today. Angry and tired and bitter. I think I need to spend the next hour reading Scripture instead of Facebook. That’s a much better idea than finishing off this post with a rant about how shallow Facebook is…


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