I haven’t blogged much lately, because every time that I think of things I’d like to write, I realize that I don’t want just anyone to be able to read and be part of “the deep”.  I can’t write great, cryptic messages like my friends Allison and Rich, so I’ve just chosen not to blog. However, I will briefly update you on my life.

I’m living with the greatest folks. They have been a strong part of my lifeline here. I’m working. Not consistently, and not enough to live well, but enough. My bills are paid and I am eating (too well sometimes). I’m also having fun, which is always nice. I have a few interviews lines up and other possibles that I’m waiting on for full-time positions. Until then, I’ll enjoy the flexible schedule that I’m on now.

I’m learning about faith and humility. Great things, always, to learn. God is just and faithful. I don’t deserve the way he has provided for me, but I am grateful. I’m slowly finding more ways to give to Him.

Overall, life is really great. I’ve had several friends/acquaintences come into town to visit, and more will be passing through town soon. I finally got to talk to my brother on the phone this week, for the first time in several months because of his crazy schedule and lack of phone signal.

Ok, this post is boring even me. Consider yourself semi-updated. There is a possibility that I’ll be writing a deeper, more thoughtful, yet password-protected post sometime soon. If I do that, you can get the password by emailing me.



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