Bored again.

Things to do when you are bored at work:

  1. Watch

  2. Finish crocheting that blanket

  3. Learn a new language

  4. Stare

  5. Write letters to your brother in the military

  6. Wonder why it’s 11:30 and Annie hasn’t posted on her blog yet

  7. Facebook stalk

  8. Stare

  9. Read the Wikipedia entry of the day

  10. Find great music on Myspace

  11. Dream about traveling to Africa

  12. Stare

  13. Put your make-up on since you didn’t before leaving the house

  14. Read every blog on your blogroll. Twice.

  15. Process last night’s phone calls

  16. Stare

  17. Believe that you really do have friends, even though they don’t look at your facebook page nearly as many times as you do theirs

  18. Check Youtube for the latest videos

  19. Read 800 page novels

  20. Stare


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