Book Giveaway + Week in review

  1. Elizabeth Esther: Grace for leaving. She thinks like me, and has this great ability to write it out.

  2. Every woman reading this post wants to hear what this guy wrote as a comment on Rachel Held Evans’ blog. The comment was so great, she gave it its own post: My wife is beautiful

  3. Matthew Paul Turner has guts. He’s not afraid to say what you’re thinking. But is that always a good thing? He asks that question here.

Book winners:

Thanks to all who entered the book giveaway. I can’t say enough how much I loved this book, and am so glad that I can share it with you. Congratulations to these book winners!*

  1. Katherine A

  2. Shelly

Next week on the blog*: Wednesday – The Night I Crashed My Own Pity Party Friday – Week in Review

*Winners chosen using *Subject to change. I’m not a fortune teller!


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