Blast from the past

Author Donald Miller works hard to encourage individuals to live their life stories well. He even hosts conferences on “How to write a better story”.

He’s not the first to do this. I remember working through a book in college called, What’s your story.

We all know that what each person wants, more than anything, is to truly be known. We are in a constant search to be known, to share our story.

The woman downtown who asked you for a dollar? What she really wants is to be known.

The man who manipulates others to get what he wants in business? He too, wants to be known.

I’ve noticed what should be obvious, but what I think we’re afraid to admit.

In a desperate search to be known, we begin to think that we have no responsibility over our pain.

If I am desperate for my brother to get to know me better, but I never offer a window into my life, my desire to be known will always remain unmet.

If I want to build close relationships, but continue to turn down offers of friendship, my desire to be known will remain unmet.

Yes, there is wisdom in being cautious about who we choose to open our lives to. To the person who is not going to respect the information I give to them, that person is untrustworthy. Giving a person intimate details of my life is giving them a certain amount of power, power that should never be given to someone who will abuse it. When sharing your life with another person, there is always some degree of risk involved. We might not know that this person will abuse the power we give them. Also, humans tend to make a lot of mistakes, so at one point or another we’ll likely hurt each other.

That doesn’t mean we should live our life in a fortified castle, never allowing anyone access to our story.

Enjoy these pictures below, a blast from my past, a part of my story that you won’t know unless I tell you.

Pay it forward. Share a story from your past, today, with someone that you trust. If you don’t have trustworthy relationships in your life, take a risk to start building one. There’s a chance you might get hurt. There’s also a chance you’ll be on the path to finding the community you’ve been longing for.

MESP (Middle East Studies Program) reunion. We snuck into a conference so that they could reunite with, and I could meet Abuna Elias Chacour. What an honor.

We ended the weekend with the best wine I’ve ever drank, a sleepover, and Megan entertaining us with excerpts from this book.



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