One of my favorite questions to present to people over the last few years has been “What was the best/worst part of your day/week/month/year?” I asked it so often that Michelle didn’t even need prompting on the drives home after work, she would just tell me the best and worst parts of her day.

So the best and worst parts of my week were:

Best: Communication and community

Worst: Thinking on some days that there is too much for me to do/handle, while on others thinking that there isn’t nearly enough.

Break it down

Monday| Best: Lunch and intentional conversation with Sarah on the grounds of a Monastery. Worst: Not enough time/space to go on a needed long walk and being sore from playing frisbee the day before

Tuesday| Best: Pride in finishing a display for the Centre. Worst: Not allowing myself to be in the moment when having dinner with friends, because I was thinking about work at the same time.

Wednesday| Best: My sister called me on HER birthday. Worst: I don’t remember.

Thursday| Best: Phone call from a friend with words of encouragement and affirmation, as well as updates on her life. Worst: Feelings of frustration in trying to plan an event for the Centre.

Friday| Best: Great times with my roommate and neighbor. Worst: Not knowing the people who I shared my testimony with.

Saturday| Best: Discussions of one of Jesus’ parables with new friends. Worst: Not having the emotional or physical energy to engage with South Africans at a party.

Today| Best: A Latin fiesta. Worst: A miscommunication.

Summary| A great week. A really great week. Full of normal life struggles and challenges, and then given the grace to see them from new angles and find solutions to them. Also, many phone calls and conversations this week leave me feeling joyful and encouraged. Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday. I’m enjoying memories of my first big overseas experience five years ago and celebrating my birthday in a similar fashion today. Life takes us down some gorgeous roads, doesn’t it?

I’m praying for you. Two of you even have your own Psalms that I enjoy praying through. You can pray for me as I’m now 1/2 way through my trip here. Pray that I will be faithful and obedient in my work at the Centre. Also please pray for funds to hire an assistant and build a website for the Centre. Lastly, that I will be sure to have fun this week and celebrate life!


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