As Christians, we can do no less

An update, briefly.

God is continuing to move the team forward to bring restoration to victims of human trafficking in Nashville/Tennessee. We are taking next steps, and bringing more people to the conversations. We are learning, and working diligently. As Christians, we can do no less.

We may have chosen a name. Thank you, for your contributions. We will announce it shortly, and make a big “to-do” about it. (I’m trying to build anticipation here, is it working?)

I can’t say enough how amazed I am at the way God is bringing people together. If your name needs to be on the list, please let me know. You can do so through the comments on any post, or the “contact” tab that I’m so proud to have figured out. In the near future (just now, as South Africans would say), we will begin prayer emails. For now, this blog serves that purpose.

How we need you:

Please PRAY! Now. Before you move onto the next blog. Just a few thoughts sent to the Holy Spirit on our behalf.

  1. Thousands who are being abused, and who tonight, will not be rescued

  2. Peace and patience

  3. “Day job” situations for the key players

  4. The details

  5. Conversations, communication, and a future Board of Directors

  6. Money (could be an answer to the day job situation)

  7. Protection (physical, mental, spiritual, including but not limited to our bodies, our homes, our families, our computers)

Thank you for your support and for keeping updated. Spend today knowing you are truly loved.


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