Aqui estoy.

Dear Mom,

I am safe and sound in Botswana, stop worrying. I couldn’t call you because I was here. I had a great flight (international flights are wonderful when you have a row to yourself), was picked up from the airport and driven directly to a campsite. I had no phone or internet access, but I am here and alive. There was a close call with a leopard this morning, but since I could only see him through binoculars I wasn’t too worried.

Tomorrow and Sunday I’m privileged to continue to spend with my dear friends here in Botswana. They are giving me a great orientation. I’m thankful that they’ve lived here for three years and can explain the vocabulary.

That’s all for now. Short and sweet. I will post pictures at some point, but it’s 11pm here. Time for bed, busy day tomorrow.


Kyla Joy

P.S. Don’t dial the country code when you’re using skype. It dials it for you.


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