I appreciate people who work together. Life isn’t meant to be lived on our own. Tonight, when the pregnant woman with the broken tailbone came to work anyway – no one offered to help her out. I don’t believe that’s Jesus.

There are, however, times when people do come together. Like helping each other roll silverware to make the job go faster, or taking a table for someone when they are feeling sick, or helping to figure out who stole your server book to take your tips for the night. People are meant to come together and serve each other, were we created for anything else?

On a similar note, I believe that God comes to us in different ways. Such as a distant friend who encourages us at just the right moment, or putting something in our way to slow us down when we are too busy and try to rush into things. For example (of course – did you think this just came out of no where?), when I moved to Nashville 2 months ago I was ready to jump into anything and everything. I had enough of the slowness that I experienced in D. C. I didn’t want to spend 2 years finding friends, being 23 and going on zero dates, working in a job I didn’t enjoy, or waiting to be involved in a church community. Oh No – I wanted everything to happen all at once, and I was determined to make it so. God has done a fabulous job of slowing me down, while still fulfilling my needs for relationships and money.

Here’s to Jesus – the author and finisher of our faith – and his father who never stops loving me in ways that I didn’t know I needed.


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