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If you’ve kept up on this blog, you’ve seen hints that things are changing. Over the last year, I’ve invested myself into Nashville and into my community, because I decided it was time in my life to stay in one place and work through “the junk”.  The last year has been incredible and I can say with confidence that I am content. Content, but not satisfied.

Meaning: I’m happy where/what I am, but there is no way I’m going to stay just like this forever. I think, as a Christian, I am always to be growing, exploring, chasing after what it means to be more like Christ. The word ‘lukewarm’ doesn’t settle with me well.

In March, at the last minute, I attended a conference with the Christian Trafficking Shelter Association, an organization that stemmed from the Home Foundation.  If you click on the link, you’ll see that the goal of the Home Foundation is “to educate communities, build shelters and orphanages, and provide medical equipment to those ministering to the victims of trafficking”.

As a result of the “content but not satisfied” part of my life, I was ready to go forward into something new. I had handfuls of ideas on what that would be (like usual), and was at a point of “I have to make a decision and go after something now“.

Immediately after that conference, I knew what that was.

God is building a shelter, in Nashville, for victims of human trafficking. And I, along with a business partner and an army of experts and volunteers, am going to start it.

At 12:00 another post is going up about how we need you to be involved. (Don’t sweat, I’m not asking for money…yet)

Stay tuned.


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