Angels of Mercy (Pregnancy Crisis Centre), Part III

Yesterday afternoon I purchased a flight to South Africa. With my flight voucher, I spent less than $1000. I still need to purchase the final leg of the trip, but that shouldn’t be difficult. Buying that first ticket took the most courage and work. Thanks to my great travel agent, Karoline, I was able to calm down and figure out what I needed.

This process has been stressful! In the midst of my own stress, I have failed to remember that I am not the only one struggling. I know that many of you have plates full of things to do and stresses to handle. I hope that I will be as faithful to pray for you as you have been to pray for, and with, me.

Speaking of prayer: really, I can’t say enough how your prayers are getting me through each day. Every day I am encouraged and strengthened by these prayers. On the days when I am afraid of what lies ahead, I am quickly reminded that God is all-powerful, and that my purpose is to bring honor to His name and to serve Him to my maximum. Oh, how easy it is for me to lose faith and courage! Especially as a woman who likes to be in charge and have all of the little details figured out. Your prayers are being heard and answered. Thank you for the notes of support and calls of encouragement. Facebook, email, letters, phone calls; these have all blessed me daily! Keep them coming.

Here are many of the prayers that have been answered, and a few that I am waiting on. Please let me know how I can be praying for you!

Africa to-do list: Send support letters Raise funds (still in progress! see Seek Justice) Buy ticket Pack/move out of house Submit employment resignation Freak out Mail forwarding address Place(s) to store my belongings Moving help Moving trucks Place to store car Check CDC vaccination list Ride to the airport at (!) 5 am

To be continued….(side note: was anyone else shocked to see this at the end of The Office this week?!)


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