Angels of Mercy, Part II

This week really has been incredible. Thank you, for your responses to the Angels of Mercy post!

My biggest struggle this week has been to try and put into words what I am learning and experiencing right now. I’m going to do my best for you here.

The call for financial support has been heard, and gifts are coming in every day. I can’t tell you how encouraged I am with each gift, down to each dollar. Not only does each gift reveal to me God’s greatness, but I am humbled by the faithfulness of so many. You heard a need, you are meeting it, and I am motivated to give more.

From the $10 donations, to the $500 ones. Each was made with great sacrifice. My friend, who is waiting tables while going to school full-time, contributed. I would not have been so faithful, and have not been in the past. The director of Angels of Mercy sent me an email this week that said she forwarded my information to the lady in charge of the prayer list at their church. And then she said that I needed to “hold on to my chair” because I was about “to see the Lord in action!” I did. Hold onto my chair, that is. I was kind of afraid. To have so many people praying for me and for this work is a powerful and humbling experience. I am motivated to pray more.

 How beautiful, the body of Christ.

Your gifts and notes of encouragement create a fire in me to accomplish great things for Christ. Each day I’m more excited about the trip and the work to be done. I am also becoming more confident that I do not have to worry about things such as where I will live, where the money will come from, what I’ll do when I return, who I’ll marry (how did that get in here?)…

I had forgotten that when we take a leap of faith, things just start to happen. Why is it that I must learn the same lessons over and over and over? I always hope that this time, I really learned. Yet I find myself only one year later, asking similar questions as before and having little faith and less courage. I am motivated to step out in faith more.

I have spent much time in prayer for you in my sanctuary (a.k.a. tiny, window-less office), and will continue to do so. Thank you for being part of my life and this journey! I will continue keep you and the thermometer updated with financial support information. I can’t wait!


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