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I’m going to Africa!

I’ve attempted not to post about this yet, but the time has come. Soon, I will be taking a leave of absence from Nashville, and make my way to Africa. Durban, South Africa to be exact. Let me tell you a little about my trip, where and why I am going.

Durban is a large port city on the east coast of South Africa, with a population of over 3 million people. It’s much like a major city in the U.S., thriving on being one of Africa’s (if not THE) busiest ports, and tourism. I encourage you to check out the link above to find out more about the city. This will give you ideas on how to pray about my upcoming trip and how to pray for the people of Durban.

I will be in Durban for approximately 6 weeks, hopefully beginning mid-February. While there, I will spend the majority of my time living and volunteering in a Centre (Think: British English) called Angels of Mercy. Angels of Mercy is a local organization committed to serving and loving pregnant teenagers. The centre offers free pregnancy testing and counselling, free HIV testing and counselling (this is significant if you know the rates of HIV/AIDS in Africa), referrals for adoption/clinics/doctors, assistance with baby supplies for those that choose to keep the child, and crisis accommodation. The final is extremely relevant, as many girls are kicked out of their homes once their parents find out they are pregnant, and the centre can offer a temporary place to stay as well as assistance in finding a more permanent home. Angels of Mercy also runs a sex-education programme in the local schools.

As I mentioned, I will be living in this Centre for about 6 weeks. I am unsure of what my specific tasks will be, but I am going to dive in and participate wherever I am needed. I hope to eventually be involved in couselling the girls as they make major decisions, and encouraging them through their pregnancy. I will also focus on supporting and encouraging the local staff. Hopefully, with my help, the programme will become stronger and many will be encouraged.

Currently, I’m in the beginning stages of raising support for this trip. My friend, Seth, has kindly created a support thermometer, which you can see under the page titled “Seek Justice”. I need close to $1000 to purchase a plane ticket, and about $600 to live on while I’m there. What I haven’t used at the end of my stay will be donated directly to Angels of Mercy. My original goal was to leave around February 15th. That leaves an extremely small window in which to raise funds, (!) but I’m trying to aim high.

This is the point where YOU come in! Before you move on to the next blog, please pray that the funds will come for this trip! This past year has taught me that prayer, indeed, is powerful. Next, please think about contributing. I know that you are constantly bombarded with requests for money. I also know that every day you hear something about the economy and are trying to save money in every way possible. Let me tell you though, little amounts help! If you are able to skip coffee once or twice, that little amount will really help! Don’t think that any amount is too small. If you are able to give more, please do!

I’m really excited and grateful for this opportunity. Working with at-risk young women has been on my heart for many years. The time spent in South Africa will be well-used when I return to Nashville and invest my experience into the young women of this city.

Thank you for your support!


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