And counting.

It’s Thursday. I leave in four days. Here’s my actual itinerary:

Feb 24, 2009 Depart 6:40 AM Nashville International Airport Arrive 8:49 AM Atlanta International – William B. Hartsfield Airport

Feb 24, 2009 Depart 3:40 PM Atlanta International – William B. Hartsfield Airport Feb 25, 2009 Arrive 5:10 AM Dakar Yoff Feb 25, 2009 Depart 6:40 AM Dakar Yoff Arrive 5:20 PM Johannesburg Int’l

March 1, 2009 (I’m taking a little detour for a few days to see friends) Depart 5:55 PM Johannesburg Int’l  Arrive 7:05 PM Durban Int’l

Africa to-do list: Send support letters Raise funds Buy ticket Pack/move out of house Submit employment resignation Freak out Mail forwarding address Place(s) to store my belongings Moving help Moving trucks Place to store car Check CDC vaccination list Ride to the airport at (!) 5 am Purchase temporary health insurance Re-pack suitcase Last-minute shopping Check that camera is working Goodbye, goodbye


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