An obligatory holiday post

I know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and every blog post you read in the next couple of days will say “here’s what I’m thankful for”. I usually attempt to avoid those posts, because frankly, I think they’re a bit cliché. Forgive me for being that person who ruins the holiday spirit, but shouldn’t we be thankful all year-long, instead of one day?

Photo by Nathan Lampa, used by permission

One year at Christmas, I told my roommate that I didn’t want to put up a Christmas tree, because none of us were going to be around for Christmas, anyway. She cried. We put up a tree.

Last year I spent my first year living without roommates. At Christmas I immediately thought, I better buy a tree so my roommates aren’t upset. And then I realized that, for the first time, I didn’t have any roommates. I didn’t put up a tree.

Call me Ms. Grinch.

It’s not that I don’t like the holidays, I really do. I just don’t like the cold that comes with winter, and I don’t like greedy, consumerist culture.

I think that my dislike for those two things carries over, and I do a poor job of balancing my dislike for greed and shivering, with my love for the building of relationships and celebrating that holidays bring.

You see, I LOVE spending time with people. This is the one area where I really stink at setting boundaries. If someone asks to spend time with me, I’m there, even if I had planned on cleaning my kitchen or actually cooking dinner. I also love celebrating. Probably because celebrations involve lots of people, along with delicious food (food is my love language), and not thinking about anything else other than enjoying the party.

I like Christmas caroling and baking and playing card games. I like watching too many movies (but please don’t make me watch A Christmas Story, again) and walking around a decorated town square.

So while I’m not going to write that annual “I’m thankful for” list, spend my weekend picking out the perfect tree to cut down and place in my living room, and dear Lord, I will absolutely not even be caught driving by a department store on Friday, I am certainly thankful and I will absolutely be celebrating. I’ll just celebrate in my own little way.

Who’s with me?


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