An All-around Good Day

Yesterday started off waking up at my dear friend’s house, after a night of brownies and a great movie. Thanks, girl – that was fun! From there I headed home to read a good book, attempt a crockpot meal for the first time (it turned out badly, in my opinion), and spend time with my housemate. For lunch I enjoyed a Vegetarian hotdog at I Dream of Weanie in Five Points with a friend from college. I ran into this woman and her husband earlier this week at a restaurant. It turns out they live very close to me! What great news. After hot dogs, we enjoyed many of the local shops including The Groove , Great Stuff!, The Trunip Truck, and a Wine shop. We were killing time so that we could have ice cream at Pied Piper, the local homemade ice cream shop. I can’t wait to grocery shop at the Turnip Truck, or go on more dates at Pied Piper. I live in the best part of Nashville right here – come and visit!

After lunch I felt a sense of accomplishment when I broke out the sewing machine and fixed a shirt for work. I’m finally moved in.

A friend of mine is remodeling a house and attempting to live in it at the same time. Yesterday was a break-through day with the purchase of appliances and the painting of the kitchen. I don’t like to see my friends stressed, and I know that was a huge stress-reliever. Congrats on being one step closer to a completed home!

At work last night, one of my favorite families that I serve came in. It was their daughter’s 6th birthday and she wanted to eat at Applebee’s so that I could sing to her. What a joy that was to have a little girl excited to take pictures with me for her birthday. I’m also invited to the birthday party tomorrow, and I just might go.

Last but definitely not least – my dad received a promotion yesterday! My parents will be moving across state in the spring. A little intimidating for them, but this is the right timeing. I am so excited for them and can’t wait to help move. Congratulations, Dad! I’m so proud of you!


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