I believe that God affirms our decisions in one way or another. It’s a way of him reminding us that he’s on our side, that he loves us and will never leave us. My decisions for the last few months have been consistently affirmed by God. Words can’t describe my experiences over the last few months. Each decision has been graciously affirmed and I am really looking forward to see what happens next. Although admittedly, I’m a little fearful that it will be something really not good – so part of this blog is a reminder of the joys of God these months so that I can look back and use them to get me through a tough time.

I tried to explain these last few months to my dear friend Matt Pritchard last night during a debrief conversation, and am glad that he just knew what I was talking about. the best way for me to attempt to share with you is by remembering a scene from the movie Hope Floats. Sandra Bullock’s character tells her daughter that she always thought she was meant to be something great and extraordinary, but in the grand picture she wasn’t something great, she was just a woman. But when I look at her character, she was something great….

I always thought and still think that I was meant to be something great and extraordinary. As I’m growing up a little, I realize that my idea of “great” isn’t what I really wanted or what God wanted for me. But – with God in me, I am great. It’s not really me though – it’s God. The every day miracles that I see around me are what he created me to be a part of, and that is extraordinary. From a friend at work who wants to share her life story, to the guy who eats dinner by himself and notices that I enjoy my job. My job isn’t to make great tips (but it really helps so please tip well 🙂 ), but to just love the people that are in my presence each day. And God doing that in me – is always extraordinary. And people know it. The next lesson is to learn how to teach those people that I’m not just a good waitress, but that Jesus Christ lives in me and is the one that is loving them through me. Not easy in 20 minutes of a dining experience or conversation, so let’s see if we can keep the conversation going. I hope that the Greatness of God will also extend past Applebee’s and to my family, neighbors, and other community. I hope that for you also!

Off to a long weekend trip with dear friends for a wedding. Pictures will come next week, sorry for the day Ruhiyyih! Oh – and since you’re one of the few that reads this – I want to say that I appreciate your cleanliness around the house. It certainly is helping me at this stage of my life, since I’m not as clean as others in my community. 🙂 Working on it though! Love ya girl.


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