2011 in Blogging

Hey again! Welcome to the first Wednesday post of 2012. For fun, here’s a few statistics from the last year on this blog. Since I redesigned in May, and switched platforms, some of the stats don’t begin until then. Enjoy! I’ll be back with something deep and reflective next week. 🙂

Top Viewed Posts:

  1. 1 How a marketer contributes to social justice August 2011

  2. 2 I went to Wild Goose Fest and came back in love  June 2011

  3. 3 Guest Post: Laura Pritchard, New Life Gym  November 2011

  4. 4 How to spot a fake: Nonprofits you don’t want to give to  June 2011

  5. 5 3 Reasons I Call Myself Mennonite

Most Circulated Post: 

  1. Justice For Your City

Top strangest search terms:

  1. +how do you classify indian on your database

  2. fourtune tellers for parties ky

  3. rowing physiology

  4. richard bath facebook

  5. hes not listened to my ultimatum

  6. things to do for a week offline

Top Commenters – Thank you!!

  1. 1

Jermaine Lane

  1. 2


  1. 3


  1. 4


Guest Posts:

  1. “What I Do When I Don’t Want to Write” at MaryDeMuth.com

  2. “Living Room Confession” at Alise Write

  3. “Don’t Hide or Alligators Might Eat You” at Andy in Progress

Guest Posters:

  1. Shelly Miller, Being Thankful

  2. Jermaine Lane, Unexpected Compassion

  3. Shelly Miller, Compassion is a Lifestyle

  4. Bethany Hamm, To Write Love on Her Arms

  5. Laura Pritchard, New Life Gym 

Again, thank you to all of you for being part of Kylajoyful.com. Here’s to another great year!


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