Oh I have so much to tell you!

First of all: check the Seek Justice page for an update on Angels of Mercy fund raising! You will hear more about that soon.

Second: Please accept my sincerest apologies for the lack of consistent updating in regards to Angels of Mercy. The last few weeks my mind has looked like a scatterplot. I have since rested, and am slowly connecting the dots. You should see fruit of this shortly.

Third: I just realized today that this is February. I was confused as to all of the Valentines goodies in the grocery store. I do not have a Valentine’s date. I am fine with this.

Fourth: I refuse to write a list of 25 random facts, for all of you Facebookers. You should know that you are still cool if you do not write a list. At least, I think you are.

Fifth: I want to write about my weekend in Texas. I really want to share this with you. But for some reason, I just. Can’t. However, if you ask me personally I’d be glad to tell you about it. It was intense and fabulous and intensely fabulous. There was just so much and I still haven’t journaled. I still haven’t done anything, it seems. I keep telling myself that’s not true, but then I think of something else I forgot. Pray for me.

The End.


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